1. ^_^


  2. Adios.

    I’ll cya around. Not really. 

  3. A Quote.

    "Would you really want to know what God would do with your life, if he had total control of your Body?" Francis Chan

  4. Reboot.

    Have you ever stopped what you were doing and closed your eyes and listened to yourself breathe?

  5. The Inevitable Sound

    10 o’clock struck.  It was time, like usual, the teacher announced, “alright, get out your books.  It’s time for silent reading.”  Desks began to rustle and noises of backpacks filled the room with children looking for their books.

    I sat in my brown desk with a blank stare.  I knelt down and searched my old, antique like desk shelf, all I could find were loose crumpled up pieces of paper. I could not find my book. I sat in my seat and looked around.  Children were busy, engulfed and glued to their books.  The room that once was filled with chatter is now quiet—motionless; from time to time, pages would be turned and the sound would echo throughout the room.

    I on the other hand did not have a book.  The teacher noticed me because my hands were empty and eyes were wandering around the room.  She glared at me and and in a stern tone said, “Jonathan, go get a book in the class library.”  So I stood up and marched over to the class library.  I peered through the stacks of what seemed like an endless shelf of books.  I knelt down and at that moment, my stomach began making noises, feelings of inner pain as if something was inside me.  It began to churn and yearn for a way out.   It just wanted to get out, but I promised myself it wouldn’t come out.  It screamed and forced it’s way out. I couldn’t control it. It erupted from my bottom and the disgusting noise filled the room.  I farted.

    The class blew up in laughter.  Girls began to giggle and boys started to chuckle.  I could feel their eyes on my back, hawk eyeing me. I didn’t know what to do: should I go back to my seat or just continue looking for books?  I was scared—my muscles began to freeze—but I wanted to pretend as if nothing had happened.  It felt so embarrassing.  I tore up in rage.  I couldn’t stand the laughter and I began to cry.  

    Then my friend came over—lifting my spirits—we returned to our desks, ignoring the laughter, we sat down and did what the other students were doing before my incident.      

  6. Journals

    Journals are great. You can draw in them, look at them, and sit on them.  But the best part about them is you can write in them.  You can write what ever you like: the troubles you are going through, the joys that are happening in your life, how dull your life may be.  A journal is about you and what’s happening in your life.  The most rewarding part is reading your journal and seeing how much you have dealt with in your life.  It’s a book that measures growth and perseverance.  It brings out joy and cracks a smile on a person’s face to read about past events.  It’s just a leather book with a few pages but it can do so much with so little effort.  

  7. Please.

    Share your music library with me!!! 

  8. How?

    How do I trust you?

  9. AHHHH

    Too many things are happening this weekend!!

    1. Little League World Series American Championship
    2. Little League World Series International Championship
    3. Starcraft 2 MLG Raleigh All Day
    4. Iparty with Victorious (The Extended Version)
    5. Must get my daily dose of Starcraft 2
    6. last weekend of summer!
    7. Possibly last bodyboarding sesh of the summer

    What about you? What are you going to do?

  10. Yet

    A Boy walks a dry desert road, alone and forgotten.  His face is tired, lifeless, and full of despair; his cheeks are all scuffed up from the long travel.  His t-shirt is dirty and black from the kicked up dirt.  Holes are beginning to form under his soles of his shoes.  Blisters are forming beneath his feet and creating pain in each step he takes.  Everything he worked for, earned and loved seem all so lost, as if those things he loved have vanished.  The hope in his eyes have disappeared; the fire in his heart extinguished.  Though it may seem like all these things are absent, but strapped on his back is a brown leather backpack.  In the backpack are supplies, resources, gifts that have been given to him, all things that he cherishes are in the backpack.  The boy doesn’t realize this that on his journey, he has these things strapped on his back.  All he needs to do is pause and look inside his pack because they are the ones that will save him from his treacherous journey.  

    Like this boy, we all go through trials or stages of discomfort.  Its part of life and we can’t help it.  There will always be those times of pain or joy.  But during those times of suffering, we become focused on the negative and our weaknesses; what is positive becomes lost.  We forget and become blind by the shadows that are hindering us from seeing the things we still have: the one friend, the gifts, or God. All these things are inside our backpacks. Like the boy, we go about our days carrying this backpack that is strapped to our backs with all things that are true to our hearts.  They are the things that will help us through our afflictions.  So the next time you go through a messy situation, pause for a while, and open your backpack and grab what you see.